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Bee Club Interview With Travis Torline, Founder and President

Hello everyone! I was honored to be interviewed by Vincenzo Saurini, a freshman student in the CU School of Journalism, about the University of Colorado Bee Club! It's a short interview (about 3 minutes), but it's a GREAT way for you to learn more about the club and what we're up to this semester!

The CU Bee Club is so excited to see that awareness of our club, our goals, and, of course, of bees, is spreading throughout CU. Here’s hoping this is the first interview of many to come, and that ALL of our club members get the opportunity to share their thoughts of the Bee Club with the world!

The Bee Club is Making Its Voice Heard!

The Bee Club is Making Its Voice Heard!

This Wednesday, the Bee Club took great strides in promoting our message by speaking with the Center for Student Involvement Advisory Board as well at the Freshman Student Council. Here’s a quick overview of what we discussed and some of the changes you can hope to see coming to campus soon!