Events Schedule for Fall 2019 Released!

Get ready for hive visits, field trips, workshops, and so much more! The Fall 2019 semester is going to give students a truly great opportunity to learn about the importance of bees while also allowing them the chance to become involved in the Boulder community.

There are lots of great things to look forward to (and more events may be announced as the semester progresses), but here are some of our highlights:

  • September 4 - First Club Meeting: Don’t miss out on the first meeting of the Fall 2019 semester for the Bee Club! We’re planning on playing Bee Trivia (Kahoot!) and sampling some fantastic local honey.

  • September 14 - Adopted Hive Visit: Last year, the CU Bee Club worked hard to adopt hives from a local beekeeper. This year, we’ll have the chance to visit our hives and see beekeeping in-person!

  • October 5 - Butterfly Pavilion Field Trip: If you’ve never been to the Butterfly Pavilion before, you’re missing out. This organization does a fantastic job of letting visitors get up close and personal with all types of insects.

  • November 13 - Beeswax Sandwich Wrap Workshop: Did you know that Ziploc baggies are actually a huge source of waste? It’s sad but true! Thankfully, with Beeswax Sandwich wraps, you can store food AND re-use the package

  • November 16 - CU in the Community Volunteering: Join the Bee Club as we volunteer to help make a difference in the Boulder community!

There are a number of other events not mentioned here, so please make sure to check out our Events Calendar to get the low-down on all things Bee Club in the Fall 2019 Semester!