February 22 - Tabling in the Atlas Breezeway

Oh, the weather outside was frightful. And despite the fact that it sounded delightful, members of the CU Bee Club had no fire to warm them up as they tabled in the Atlas Breezeway on Friday, February 22nd. But did they let that stop them? Of course not!

Why Table in the Breezeway?

February may seem like a weird time to talk to CU students about the importance of bees - after all, there are no bees out and about this time of year - but when you think about it a little more, it’s actually the PERFECT time for such an event!


First of all, in the dead of Winter there are no plants growing, but thanks to the hard work of billions of bees around the world, we’re still able to enjoy the delicious foods that we love! Strawberries? You betcha! Avocados? Of course! Apples? One a day keeps the doctor away!

Furthermore, Spring is just around the corner, which means even if bees aren’t out now, they will be out soon! And we want to make sure that everybody knows how important bees are so that we can welcome them with open arms!

The Amazing Volunteers


As per always, the CU Bee Club’s amazing volunteers were the reasons that the event was such a success. Despite the snow and cold, Joshua Paup, Christina Fang, Clara Saalfield, and Kainoa Cunningham gave their time to the club’s initiative. Were they freezing? Yup. Could they feel their toes? Nope. But did they keep a huge smile on their face and pep in their voice every time an interested student came by? Of course!

It really is true that the CU Bee Club would be nowhere near as successful as it has been without its wonderful volunteers. We can never say thank to them enough!

Absolutely, Positively Delicious Food

And we can’t forget the star of the event - the organic food made with local honey from Culinary Caveman! From protein balls to infinity bliss bars to chicken with peppers and onions, those who stopped by to learn more about the CU Bee Club were in for a real treat. And after they left, they would sometimes stop by again… and again… and again!


Jason and Stacy Fortune are on a mission to bring Good Vibes food to the world, and there’s no doubt that they brought good vibes to our hearts as well! Thanks so much, guys!

Watch Out For Us Next Month!

Disappointed that you weren’t able to stop by our table today? Or maybe just looking forward to eating more delicious food may possible through the work of bees? Then watch out for us next month, Friday, March 22nd! We’ll be in the Atlas Breezeway from 11am - 1pm, and we can’t wait to see you there!