The Bee Club at the C4C!

The CU Bee Club was incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with CU’s kitchen and dining services to put on a pollinator-awareness event at the C4C! Bees play a role in 1/3 of every bite that we eat, so we figured it was only appropriate to bring awareness to all of their hard work with a celebratory feast!

The Food

The food itself was absolutely OFF THE CHARTS! We had students coming up to us left and right saying that it was “the best meal to grace their lips” and “their favorite meal EVER from the C4C.” Not only is that a testament to the deliciousness of the food that bees pollinate, but it’s a HUGE compliment to all of the chefs who worked so hard to create these amazing meals!

We were thrilled that the chef at every station had the opportunity to create a meal of their own, and their creativity and skill showed. There was honey marinated salmon; pizza with spicy soppressata, mozzarella, chiles & local honey; Colorado apple BBQ ribs; honey olive oil cake with grapefruit curd, and SO much more! It was one of the best meals we’ve ever had!

The Volunteers

Of course, the Bee Club would be nothing without its stellar members who always jump at the opportunity to volunteer and get involved! Its their happiness about the club, their excitement to talk to others, and the inspiring way they support bees and the world around them that makes this club go!

Huge thank you’s go out to Clara Saalfield, Kylie Michel, Isabel Adkisson, and Sarah Sego for their amazing work at the C4C tonight. From giving out honey samples to telling people about the club to hosting a fun arts and craft activity, they were the reason the Bee Club was successful in its portion of supporting the event.

A Recurring Event?


If you liked this event, please let us or CU’s kitchen and dining services know! We would love to celebrate the incredible work that bees and pollinators do for us more often, and perhaps even at other dining halls as well! Your feedback is essential to making this a recurring event!