State of the Bee Club: An Update on Club Initiatives

Hello all! We’re about a month into the school year now, and we figured that it was the perfect time for us to provide you with updates on our club’s amazing initiatives! We’ve already made some astounding progress, and we can’t wait to see what else is to come!

Honey in the Coffee Shops

To begin, we’re super excited to announce that all three Celestial Seasonings cafes will be switching to local honey in the coming weeks! They’ve already ordered and received their first batch, and they’re just waiting until they run out of the old stuff to put out the local honey. We totally respect that - it’s always important to use what you have and make sure nothing goes to waste!


Stop by the UMC or Engineering Center and grab yourself a warm Celestial tea sweetened with local Boulder honey!

Awareness in the Dining Halls

We hope you never tire out of seeing the CU Bee Club on campus, because we’re going to be in the C4C too! That’s right, on February 20th the C4C will be hosting a pollinator-inspired lunch, and the CU Bee Club will be tabling in the atrium with fun activities, honey tastings, and handouts.

Adopt-a-Hive Program

On February 13th, Beth Conrey of Bee Squared Apiaries will be speaking to the club from 6-7pm about how we’ll be taking part in her adopt-a-hive program. This will be a great chance for club members to learn more about one of our most exciting initiatives.


In order to help raise funds to participate in the program, the Bee Club s holding a fundraiser night at Modern Market on February 5th. Here’s hoping it’s a huge success!

Movie Nights

The results from the survey are in, and the Bee Club has applied for funding so that we can supply club members with… hummus? Carrots? Fruit platters? Wow, our members are a healthy bunch!

The first movie is set to be Bee Movie, so it’s sure to be a beautiful night! (Try saying that five times fast!)

There’s no doubt that the Spring 2019 semester is already off to an amazing start! This is only the beginning, though - things are sure to get bigger and better as the semester goes on!