Meeting Minutes - January 30th, 2019

Oh, what a meeting! We couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off the Spring 2019 semester for the Bee Club! Everybody was super excited, and with so many great initiatives, there’s no doubt that the Bee Club is going to leave its mark on campus this semester!

Weren’t able to make it? No worries at all! Thanks to Club Secretary Christina Fang, we now have club minutes! It will be a great way for us to keep track of what went on during meetings as well as for anyone who was unable to make it to see what happened! So, here ya go - enjoy!

The Bee Club Agenda

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

5PM- in HUM 135

  1. 5:50PM

    1. People signing in, card swiping in, and getting delicious food!

  2. 6:00PM- Introductions

    1. Jason

      1. Speaker for the night

      2. Focus on the CHANGE in BEE THE CHANGE

      3. Wants to change the way that we eat and live!

      4. Culinary Caveman- local business, uses HONEY in everything!

    2. Danielle

      1. Faculty Advisor

      2. Excited to not only talk the talk but walk the walk!

      3. Since there was so much outreach, we did a lot of brainstorming about what we want to do. Now, we can actually put action to those ideas

    3. Travis

      1. President of The Bee Club

      2. Excited that everyone has reached out and really want to BEE THE CHANGE

      3. Last semester, we focused on volunteering in the community

      4. This semester, we want to focus on CU Campus

        1. Travis- Have only local honey on campus (coffeeshops)

        2. Josh- Partnering up with Dining Hall services on a whole day dedicated to Pollinator Friendly Meals, looking for volunteers to table to help reach out to the general CU Students

        3. Christina- Travis introduces Christina as a potential officer and collaborating with other clubs such as Wildlife Club. She is busy taking minutes for the club

        4. Margaret- Introducing Club Socials such as Movie Nights! We will start with three movie nights this semester. We are starting off with the Bee Movie (obviously). There will be pizza and veggies! The first one will be on Feb 20, and will be in the Humanities building! Make new friends!

        5. The Bee Club is not allowed to have hives on campus. We are looking into an adopt a hive program. We can sell our own local honey through our own adopted hive, but we need funding! Our first fundraising event will be February 5 at Mod Market. Volunteers are needed! Jason want to donate $200! Our first donation!

        6. Danielle (Expert on Native Bees)- The CU Environmental Center is throwing a free event on February 8-9 that will have a pollinator focus and will be featuring Michael Pollan. Danielle teaches ENVD and studies parking lots and how they can be built to help native bee populations. She is working to gain a Bee Certification on campus. Opportunities for Bee Club members to help with this initiative this summer for two weeks in June. One of the lots can potentially be named after The CU Bee Club! We could apply for funding for travel for out of states students who want to participate.

        7. Christina- She will be leading tabeling initiatives outside the ATLAS building. We need free food for tabling! Jason will help provide some of this free food!

    4. 6:20PM- Jason’s Presentation

      1. Origins

        1. They deliver about 700 meals a week all around Denver. He started meal prep at midnight so, he’s going to be a bit sleepy and quirky. College students relate.

        2. Jason moves from Texas to Colorado. He has been cooking his whole life since he was 4 years old. He is 48 now. He is a chef and has always been.

        3. After moving to Colorado, he learns how to cook gluten-free and sugar-free meals. He learns to utilize honey to cook his meals.

      2. Why is Honey better than Sugar?

        1. Honey tastes better than sugar. Honey breaks down in your body better than sugar. Honey is natural. Refined sugar is addictive and horrible for you. Almost every meal that he makes has honey in it. High fructose syrup is cane sugar boiled to the point where it becomes inverted and twice as sweet. It is designed to become addictive and make you want to eat more.

        2. He makes natural, honey filled desserts. He doesn’t make Snickers.

        3. Honey can be used in any recipes where there is sugar. You can replace 1 cup of sugar for ¾ cups honey. Honey is way more expensive than sugar, but honey helps with allergies, tastes better, and better for you.

      3. Conclusion

        1. Culinary Caveman is a hive-mind energy eatery. All of their food is organic and 100% non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free, and (optional) dairy-free. He sells leftovers for a living. They make all food from scratch, filled with love and care.

      4. Questions and Answers

          1. Do you sell meat?

            1. He sells grass-fed meat that is humanely raised.

          2. What is your favorite thing to make with honey?

            1. Honey-roasted cashews. He takes carrie gold butter from Ireland, organic honey, organic vanilla extract, organic maple syrup and melt it down. He cooks organic cashews in the syrup and it tastes just like candy corn.


          3. Have you ever considered expanding your company around the nation? Or opening up a restaurant? Are there issues keeping things local and organic when it comes to expansion?

            1. Yes! They are currently in the process of opening up a restaurant right now. He is in the business of making sure he keeps it organic and humanely- raised. He will not compromise on his values. He has to keep the good vibes in the food.

          4. Have you ever had recipes that just failed?

            1. He started with a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese then adds a bit of garlic salt, and it was great. Then he triples it, and that’s when things go wrong. The best product for people who eat gluten-free is called Cup4Cup flour.

          5. What’s your favorite part about baking?

            1. The smell!

          6. What do you think about cooking with coconut oil? It is pretty controversial.

            1. I don’t know too much about it but, I think coconut oil as long as it’s organic is good!

  3. 6:55PM

    1. Meeting Concludes!

    2. Clara wins the prize!