What's it Take to Run a Club? Learnings From the Involvement Fair


This week, the CU Bee Club was very excited to participate in the Involvement Fair held by the Center for Student Involvement. It’s a great event where hundreds of clubs come together, put on their best display, and let CU students know about the amazing opportunities the university has to offer!

It’s also an incredibly important event for clubs as a main source of recruitment, which means there’s no room for error. In order to run a great table, it takes a team of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who have a greater vision for their club.

The CU Bee Club Team

The CU Bee Club is lucky enough to have these individuals in its midst. Every member of the club is not only an amazing person and a dedicated student, but they truly hold a vision for the future of the club. It is only with these individuals that the club has gotten to where it is today.

For this year’s Involvement Fair, our team consisted of Christina Fang, Margaret Elam. Clara Saalfield, and Kainoa Cunningham. Despite the fact that they had classed to attend and were running about campus with other tasks on a busy Wednesday, they all dedicated their time and energy to helping the club gain excitement and traction for its upcoming semester.

The Results - What a Fair!

The results of the hard work of these individuals was truly astounding. Not only did a huge swath of people stop by the Bee Club’s table (and many wondered if we had shirts for sale), but a whopping 63 people expressed their interest in joining the club! That’s incredible!

So what’s the main takeaway from this event? That a club is a team, plain and simple. It takes the work of many to make something truly great, and the CU Bee Club is lucky enough to have the best worker bees around.

It’s sure to be an exciting semester! We can’t wait!