What's Your Favorite Part of the Bee Club?

As much as we believe in supporting bees, there’s another thing that we find just as important: making sure our club members are always having an awesome time! For this reason, we like to reach out to our club members on a consistent basis to hear their thoughts on the club.

Recently, we asked “What’s your favorite part of the bee club?” and got some AMAZING responses! Check ‘em out!

“The club has helped me appreciate the contribution our pollinators make without needing too much in return”

       -Christopher Chacon


“My favorite part of the club is the diverse group of students that are passionate about bees and the community they create”

        -Tyler Kemp

“My favorite part about the bee club is getting to learn about bees while getting to socialize with awesome, like-minded people!”

-Clara Saalfield


“My favorite part of the club is how enthusiastic everyone is on taking action to educate the public about bees… I like how we’re a club that actually makes an effort to do something!”

        -Isabel Adkisson


“I love the enthusiasm that each member of the Bee Club brings to meetings and events! There is such a sense of community, positivity, and activism that makes me feel I’m a part of something important.”

        -Brenna Scott


“My favorite part about the Bee Club is learning about and helping bees with some of the kindest and most fun people on campus… and also the honey tastings and speakers!”

        -Maya Hladisova

“My favorite things about the Bee Club is that it combines volunteering, learning, and fun in such a positive environment”

        -Jade Munsinger


“It’s hard to choose just one of my favorite parts, but I would say the best has been how welcoming the club is. It’s always a fun, stress-free environment where I feel empowered to learn bee biology and beekeeping history.”

        -Bryan Martino

“My favorite part of the club is how hands-on the events are! A lot of the times you can actually see the difference you’re making.”

        -Kate Creamer

It’s always great to hear that club members are able to learn how they can make an impact on our community’s bees while making friends in a safe and fun environment! We believe that getting involved to be making a difference should be nothing but fun, and so we couldn’t be more proud of this point. Here’s to another fun and impactful semester in Spring 2019!