Meeting Location and Time Official!

Perhaps it’s not the mot exciting news in the world, but we know that having constantly different meeting locations last semester was… well, it was a huge pain! One second we were in the Museum, the next we were in the Humanities building, one day the meeting was at 5, the next day the meeting was at 7… it was a mess!

So, this semester we made sure to get the same meeting location and time for the whole semester. That’s right - you asked for it, and we made sure it happened! So, without further ado, our meeting location and time are…

EATON HUMANITIES 135, 6pm - 7pm

For anyone who may not know where the Eaton Humanities building is, it’s right next to the West entrance of the Norlin Library! And because maps are even better that words, you can use this link to check our a handy dandy map!

As a reminder, you can look at the events calendar on this website to see when our meetings will be. For easy reference, though, we’ve decided to include them here as well:

  • Wednesday, January 30

  • Wednesday, February 13

  • Wednesday, March 13

  • Wednesday, April 10

We’ll be up to a bunch of other great things as well, so keep your eye out for email regarding our other events. We can’t wait to see you at Eaton Humanities 135 for our meetings from 6pm - 7pm!