What's in a Logo?

Perhaps you heard the news - the CU Bee Club has a new logo! If we don’t say so ourselves, it looks dang good, too!

But more goes into a logo than making something that looks cool. In this post, we’ll examine a few of our favorite aspects of the logo and describe what they mean on a greater level.

The Buffalo and Bee

This is perhaps the most striking part of the logo, and it stands to demonstrate the relationship that we have with bees. These pollinators are nothing to be afraid of, as shown by the buffalo as it stands confidently with the bee perched atop its head. Furthermore, the placement of the bee is also symbolic - not only do we strive to support bees, but we have a passion for gaining a deeper knowledge of how they support our lives and the environment as a whole.

A Gorgeous Mountain Background

Not only is Colorado known for its gorgeous mountains and luscious landscapes, but their beauty represents the beauty of mother nature as a whole. By working to support the success of bees, we are in turn working to support the success of every aspect of the great outdoors. Without these pollinators, so much of the pristine beauty of mother nature would be lost.

The Alpine Sunflowers

Alpine Sunflowers, or Hymenoxys grandiflora , are native flowers to Colorado, meaning they’re a favorite of Colorado’s native bees! We find it important to remember our tie to native bees (after all, there are hundreds upon hundreds of species of native bees in Colorado alone) as well as to demonstrate our belief that anyone can make a difference in supporting bees simply by planting more native flowers. Getting involved doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment - even if your day is packed with other important activities, you can ensure a better world with a few seconds and a small handful of seeds.

We’re Proud of Our New Logo

It is for these reasons that the CU Bee Club is incredibly proud of its new logo. Aside from looking absolutely sleek, the logo represents so much of what our club stands for. Make sure to look upon this logo with pride, Buffs!