Happy Holidays From the Bee Club!

The Bee Club would like to extend the best wishes for a happy holiday season to all of its members! 2018 was truly an amazing year, and there’s no way we could have had such a successful semester without your support!

During this time off from school, we hope that everyone takes some time to relax and spend time with family and friends. Read a good book, binge a Netflix series or two, and if you have some time, read an article about bees so you come back next semester with even more knowledge about these wonderful pollinators!

Oh, and here’s hoping you got some amazing bee-related gifts for Christmas as well! Whether it’s a bee tie, a honey stick, a mug decorated with bees, or a 2 pound bear full of honey, any present is good as long as it has to do with bees!

Stay tuned for more information as next semester rolls around (we have some super exciting things in the works), but do make sure that you truly take some time to relax this holiday season. We all deserve a nice break!

Buzz on!