The Bee Club is Making Its Voice Heard!

With such a big campus, it can sometimes be hard to make sure that your message is heard over the thousands of other students attending the University of Colorado. However, the Bee Club recognizes just how essential it is to make sure the voice of our members and our message as a whole is heard loud and clear by the university, and so we’re always looking for opportunities to meet with student boards, student government, and other student-run organizations.

This Wednesday, the Bee Club took great strides in promoting our message by speaking with the Center for Student Involvement Advisory Board as well at the Freshman Student Council. Here’s a quick overview of what we discussed and some of the changes you can hope to see coming to campus soon!

Meeting With The CSI Board

On behalf of the CU Student Government (CUSG), the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Advisory Board enhances the role of the CSI in providing strong support for students and student organizations. The Board is composed of seven students, two staff, and several ex-officio/non-voting members who work with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Director to ensure the CSI fulfills its mission of providing programs, facilities, and educational opportunities to enrich the campus experience for the CU Boulder community.

Zero-Waste Events

The CU Bee Club aims to promote the success of bees, but this also means promoting the success of the environment as a whole! We let the CSI board know that we would be grateful for resources to host zero-waste events, and since the University of Colorado has a deal with Staples to get zero-waste supplies for cheap, this could come to fruition soon!

Support Clubs’ Online Presence

In case you didn’t notice, the CU Bee Club has its own website and mailing list! Unfortunately, many clubs haven’t been given the necessary information to create these engagement tools, which decreases how much they’re able to interact with both current and prospective members. The CU Bee Club pushed the CSI Advisory Board to aid student clubs and organizations in maintaining their online presence.

More Multi-Club Events


Remember how much fun the Be Involved Fair was at the start of the semester? With the energy of all of the clubs combined in one place, students were encouraged to get involved and craft a fun and impact future for themselves during their time at CU. The CU Bee Club asked the CSI Advisory Board to consider holding more multi-club events in order to replicate the success of the Be Involved Fair multiple times over the course of a semester.

Meeting With Freshman Student Council

The Freshman Student Council represents the freshman voice on CU Student Government, as they learn about the different roles and responsibilities of CU Student Government. These are the future leaders of CU Student government, and the Bee Club was thrilled to get the chance to meet with them.

A Future Sustainability Project


Specifically, Freshman Student Council is looking to sponsor a sustainability project on-campus next semester. Since bees are a keystone species that we rely on for so much of our everyday lives, the Bee Club pitched the idea for more on-campus pollinator gardens to the council. While the project is still in the earliest of stages, the Freshman Student Council was eager to look for ways to support the Bee Club in this endeavor. Be on the lookout for more information soon!

Becoming a Certified Bee Campus

The Freshman Student Council also has the ability to pass legislature and bills that help to shape the future of CU. The Bee Club proposed the idea that legislature be passed to ensure the Bee Club becomes a Certified Bee Campus within the next few years. While the Freshman Student Council liked the idea, more planning must be done here as well before anything can be set in stone. However, it’s great for the Bee Club to start spreading our message about this long-term goal.

The Voice of Change

There’s no doubt that the Bee Club and its members are the voice of environmental change on CU’s campus. Please continue to speak up about what you would like to see the Bee Club working towards in the future, and we’ll continue to make sure that student boards, student government, and other organization on-campus are made aware of the change that you would like to see enacted!