Tyler Kemp at the Community Ecosystems Summit!

On Friday, November 16th, the Community Ecosystems Summit was held on CU Boulder’s East Campus to help bring awareness to all parts of our ecosystem, from the soil to the trees to the birds to the bees. As a part of the summit, there was a presentation about how Boulder has been bringing awareness to the decline of bee populations, and the CU Bee Club was honored to be asked to play a part in this presentation!

Bee Club member Tyler Kemp was thrilled to have the chance to speak about why he thinks that bees are important, and so he put together a 5 minute presentation for the Bee Club’s portion of the presentation! Not only is Tyler a super active club member, but he’s just plain and simple a great guy, too. We couldn’t be more proud of how he represented himself, the CU Bee Club, and the importance of protecting our pollinators to the Boulder Community!