Our Mission


THE cu Bee Club Strives…

…to promote education, support, and the success of bees through community outreach programs, community service projects, and on-campus activities led by our diverse group of club members. By partnering and volunteering with similarly minded organizations, we hope to engage others in supporting bee conservation, and through our club meetings we aim to generate discussions about the way we coexist with bees and our environment.

Education: The CU Bee Club strives to host workshops and guest speakers on the University of Colorado Boulder campus and regularly participate in community outreach by tabling at events located on-and-off campus.

Research: The CU Bee Club seeks to provide members the opportunity to work with professors and other members of the academic community in conducting activities or research related to bee conservation.

Volunteerism: The CU Bee Club aims to encourage all club members to participate in volunteer opportunities within the university and/or Boulder community.

Social Media Outreach and Social Engagement: The CU Bee Club endeavors to keep an active social media and community presence to further promote knowledge of bee conservation and to document the club’s progress in its mission to promote education, support and the success of bees.