A Greater Presence On Campus and in the Community

The CU Bee Club always aims to have an even larger presence on CU’s campus as well as in the community of Boulder. Look for us to be holding bask sales, hosting classes, volunteering, joining other environmental clubs to put on great events, and partnering with local businesses to increase the impact that we have on promoting bees.

Hives of Our Own

An important aspect of promoting bees is adopting or owning hives of our own. The CU Bee Club endeavors to work with local beekeepers to create partnerships that allow us to support hives, and perhaps one day we’ll be able to get our own hives on CU’s campus as well.


Bee Club Sponsored Pollinator Gardens

The world needs more pollinator gardens, and the CU Bee Club recognizes this need. We hope to plant more pollinator gardens on CU and around Boulder that provide both forage and shelter for native bees and honeybees alike. Our club advisor, Danielle Bilot, is working on a project that transforms parking lots by giving them the functionality of pollinator gardens. The CU Bee Club has a goal to become more involved in this project.

Support for Pollinators in the Dining Halls

In the 2018-2019 school year, the CU Bee Club partnered with the C4C to put on the first ever “Pollinator Meal”. For this dinner, chefs had the opportunity to create their own pollinator-inspired meals, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We hope to continue hosting such meals and put on additional events at the university’s other dining centers.


Bee Campus USA

The CU Bee Club has the goal of getting the University of Colorado Boulder to be Bee Campus USA certified. The university will have to meet a number of goals such as establishing a pollinator committee, developing a habitat plan, hosting annual workshops/awareness events, and building a website to track progress. As the on-campus leaders of all things bees, the CU Bee Club hopes to back the university in achieving all of these goals.

Become THE Club On Campus

We 100% supports all of the clubs at the University of Colorado Boulder… but we also have a competitive fire burning inside of us. It’s just who we are!

By sponsoring great events, making our presence known on campus and in the community, producing eye-catching apparel for club members, and helping CU evolve to be more pollinator (and environment) friendly, we hope to become THE club that everyone on campus knows about.