We are incredibly gracious to receive donations, funding, and support from many amazing people and organizations. We know how important it is to these donors that we spend their money wisely, and so we are completely transparent in every purchase that we make.

You can view our funding and spending for all years whenever you would like by clicking the button below. For an in-depth explanation of what is seen on our finance sheet, please scroll down.

Types of Funding and Spending

To better help you understand how we’re tracking our money, we’ve prepared a short guide.

Funding Money and Spending: The CU Bee Club can apply for funding from the university’s funding boards. This money is all stored in an account handled by the Center for Student Involvement in the UMC, and every purchase we make with funding money must be approved.

Donor Money and Spending: We are incredibly grateful to all of our donors who support the club and believe in our cause. This money comes to the club via our GoFundMe page and is not controlled by the university. All money from donors will go to the cause advertised on the GoFundMe page.

Student Spending: Occasionally, members of the club are so passionate about the club project that they are working on that they use their own money to make purchases or fund projects.

Fundraising: The CU Bee Club can work with organizations outside of the university to raise money through fundraisers. Because clubs are third parties allowed to operate on the university’s campus, we cannot utilize the university’s 501(c)(3) for these fundraisers. Rather, we must be sponsored by other non-profits for these events. However, all proceeds still go to the CU Bee Club.

The club can also sponsor outside organizations that wish to table in the UMC. The outside organization pays a daily fee, and the club receives a portion of that fee it its account handled by the Center for Student Involvement.

Questions or Conerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about how the Bee Club is spending its money, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at beeclub@colorado.edu.